These are the episodes of season 1

Title: Directed by: Description: Trouble: Airdate:
Pilot Episode ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin gets grounded for name calling. name calling. March 18, 2013
Justin gets late ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin gets late for school and calls the detention teacher a donkey then gets grounded. being late and name calling. May 12, 2013
Justin gets Dexter's Laboratory: Season 1 while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 The third episode of Justin gets Grounded. getting Dexter's Laboratory: Season 1 on DVD while Grounded. same as Justin gets Late
Justin gets Ice Age: The Meltdown while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 The sequel of justin gets Dexter's Laboratory while Grounded Getting Ice Age: The Meltdown while Grounded May 15, 2013
Justin scares the kids ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin scares brandon, Annie, and Mike (the kids) and gets Grounded

NOTE: this is the first episode with speech bubbles because I ran out of voice credits

Scaring the Kids May 26, 2013
Justin beats up Wubbzy with Phineas and Ferb ChocolateMilkshake808 Warning: if you like wow wow wubbzy, don't watch but if you Don't, enjoy! Justin has beaten up wubbzy with phineas and ferb Beating up Wubbzy May 27, 2013
Justin gets no money and gets baby shows and games ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin gets grounded for watching lost tapes while grounded. so his parnets and sister had to call the tooth fairy. Watching Lost Tapes while Grounded May 30, 2013
Justin gives his dvds and games to a kid ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin gives his dora, barney, mickey mouse clubhouse, blues clues, and educational games away and his parents throw a BIG breakdown

NOTE: I actually like blues clues (but the Steve episodes better than the Joe episodes) and this is the first episode when characters throw a breakdown.

Giving away his stuff he got while Grounded June 1, 2013
Justin goes to the Movies ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin went to the movies while grounded and his parents throw their biggest breakdown ever. Going to the movies and watching Jurassic Park 2 while Grounded June 2, 2013
Justin calls his babysitter a name ChocolateMilkshake808 When Justin's parents go to the hospital because Jonathan's Dad (Arnold) is sick with a fever. Justin's babysitter is German. So Justin called his babysitter a name.

NOTE: Max's voice is revealed to sound like Julie's

name calling June 3, 2013 (part 1), June 4, 2013 (part 2)
Justin beats up AnastasiaDisney ChocolateMilkshake808 justin finally beats up a guy who makes fake vhs openings we all know and hate. justin gets ungrounded for the first time. PS this is the 4th episode that has bubbles because i ran out of voice credits. None, got ungrounded June 9, 2013
Justin gets Arrested ChocolateMilkshake808 justin sees a taco and some cheetos while waking and gets arrested falsly. None, but thought to really have litter. June 12, 2013
Justin Escapes from Jail ChocolateMilkshake808 The sequel of justin gets arrested. justin escapes jail. his 2 punishments are slapping and singing the i love you song from barney. Escaping Jail June 14, 2013
Justin plays Sonic the Hedgehog while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin's dad was going to publix, he told his son justin not to watch tv, play a video game, or listen to music because he's grounded. justin plays a game however, which is sonic the hedgehog. Playing sonic the hedgehog while grounded June 17, 2013
Justin watches VeggieTales while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin asks dad if he can watch a show from his childhood, but his dad said no because he's grounded. however, justin watched veggietales anyway. Watching VeggieTales while Grounded June 22, 2013
Harlem Shake (Justin gets Grounded Edition) ChocolateMilkshake808 Just a special episode of justin gets grounded None June 29, 2013
Justin watches Inspector Gadget while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin asks his dad to watch inspector gadget and his dad said no. Well, justin did it anyway and there's a new character at the end. Guess who she is. Watching Inspector Gadget while Grounded July 1, 2013
Justin floods The House ChocolateMilkshake808 Since it's Justin's Dad's 37th birthday, justin wants to make a pool party inside his house with his friend, tyler.


Flooding the House July 4, 2013
Justin pranks His Sister ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin pranks his sister by letting her watch a screamer video and made her scared. He got grounded so his parents and sister started texting [can't tell you, watch it]

WARNING: skip 0:39 to 0:42 if you don't like screamer videos.

Pranking his Sister July 8, 2013
Justin vs Me ChocolateMilkshake808 no description avalible :( Making a Video out of me July 15, 2013
Justin gets Finding Nemo on DVD while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin bought finding nemo on dvd and got grounded and will be forced to watch his least favorite shows. Getting Finding Nemo on DVD while Grounded August 2, 2013
Justin watches a rated R movie ChocolateMilkshake808 justin watched a rated r movie, then justin gets spotted watching it. What are justin's punishments? Watch and find out! Watching a rated R movie August 10, 2013
Justin watches Powerpuff Girls while Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin asks his dad that he can watch powerpuff girls, his dad say no because he's grounded. However, justin watched it anyways, threw the biggest tantrum, and is forced to watch thomas the tank engine. Watching powerpuff girls while grounded August 17, 2013
Justin watches Looney Tunes while Grounded Chcocolatemilkshake808 Remember Justin gets Ice Age: The Metldown while Grounded? Justin watched looney tunes when his dad told him not to! his temper is much bigger than the ppg episode! Watching looney tunes while grounded August 24, 2013
Justin Pretends to be Sick ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin got a big test, he decided to pretend to be sick, he goes on the computer to watch videos! Pretending to be Sick September 2, 2013 (originally)

September 7, 2013 (delayed, part 1)

September 14, 2013 (part 2)

Justin's Nightmare ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin was resting, he gets a nightmare about going to the nightmare world, being chased by brian and bridget, strange things happening, voice changing, and death. None, just got a nightmare. September 21, 2013
Justin makes a TV Show without permission ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin made a TV show, he gets 1000 dollars but dad grounded him for making "The Justin Show" without permission. What will Justin's Punishments Be? Watch and Find Out! Making a TV Show without permission September 28, 2013}
Justin lies ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin ruined the DJ party and was suspended for 3 days. At home, justin's dad asked justin how was school and the DJ party and justin lies about it. Ruining the DJ party (mentioned) and lying October 5, 2013
Justin misbehaves at Lunch ChocolateMilkshake808 When justin was in a long lunchline, he shoved everyone and skipped the whole line. Shoving and Skipping the whole lunchline October 12, 2013
Justin beats up Jake and The Neverland Pirates ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin thinks of beating up Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so he goes to neverland, find them, and beat them up. And suddenly he gets (you guessed it) grounded.

NOTE: This is originally gonna air on October 19 but it was delayed due to not enough time.

Beating up Jake and The Neverland Pirates October 19, 2013 (originally)

October 26, 2013 (delayed)

Justin looks at His Sister's Diary ChocolateMilkshake808 When he was bored, he thought of looking at alexis' diary. So he read it and alexis get back and got angry. looking at/reading alexis' diary November 2, 2013
Justin sings Thrift Shop ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin sung his 2nd favorite song, Thrift Shop but his dad hates the song and justin is forced to listen to his least favorite songs by Justin Bieber, Rebekah Black, and One Direction. Singing thrift shop while his dad hates it November 9, 2013 (originally)

November 10, 2013 (delayed)

Justin acts like a Girl ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin feels like acting like a girl, so he acted like one and did not went to class.

NOTE: This is the first time Mrs. Susan and The Principal use kidaroo as a furious voice.

Acting like a girl November 16, 2013
Justin runs away and gets Grounded ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin was sick and tired of being grounded by his parents. so he runs away and goes to PC Guy's house. Running away November 23, 2013
Justin makes fun of his Brother ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin was sick and tired of his brother, Max. Making fun of his brother. November 30, 2013
A Merry Justin Christmas ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin has Discovered the True Spirit of Christmas by Being Nice None, just discovered the true spirit of christmas December 7, 2013 (originally}

December 14, 2013 (originally too)

December 21, 2013 (delayed)

Justin insults a Korean Person ChocolateMilkshake808 Justin finds a Korean Person (Junwoo) and insults him! So Junwoo called his parents and they give him a big punishment which is [not telling you, watch the episode]

NOTE: This is the first episode to be released in another country before USA

Insulting December 28, 2013 (South Korea)

Janurary 4, 2014 (USA)