Elizabeth Jennifer Silver-Robinson

Age: 33

Date of Birth: July 17, 1980

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Voice: Kate

Favorite Color: Purple, Pink, Dark Green, Hot Pink, Golden Yellow

Favorite Food: Pot Roast, Baked Potato

Favorite Movie: Dolphin Tale

Favorite TV Shows: Barney and Friends, Thomas the Tank Engine, Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Teletubbies, Dora the Explorer, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Other Baby Shows

Favorite Animal: Snakes, Sharks, Orcas, Platypuses, Mice

Favorite School Subject: Art

Least Favorite School Subject: Unknown

Likes: The truth, when her children obey, Baby Shows, Barney, Her Childhood Memories

Dislikes: Lies, when her children do something bad

Family: Husband/ Jonathan

Children/ Justin (13-year-old who hates algebra, oldest child, likes everything boyish), Alexis (middle child; 12-year-old middle schooler who is the smartest person in 7th Grade), Max (youngest child; 5-year-old)

Sister/ Maggie Pettis who blames everything on her nephew

Brother-in Law/ Pete Robinson

Father-in law/ Arnold Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson is the mother of Justin, Alexis, and Max. She's Jonathan Robinson's wife and Aunt Maggie's older sister